Course copy with user submitted content

Course copy in Blackboard Learn by design copies only instructional content and not student-submitted homework or assignments. Discussion forums are copied without previous semester student contributions to allow a new class to collaborate. Course copy has an option to copy the initial post from the instructor in each forum.

In some situations, it may be necessary to copy discussion forums with student content into a new course. 

This option will keep user information such as names in old discussion posts.  It will also add students from past course into the new one.
1. Copy course content with user information.

This option will copy discussion forum content without user information.
1. Copy course content, possibly only discussion forums, into a new course
2. Delete users from the new course leaving discussion forums anonymous
3. Copy course content with user information into the destination course

Click link for more information about Blackboard Course copy options.

Alternative approach of using course archive export/import to transfer the data can be found here.


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