Blackboard continous course for multiple sections without affecting instructor merged or individual delivery

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A single course with enrollments from other courses while keeping merged or individual courses unchanged.

The Blackboard courses can be merged if an instructor wants to have one course to represent many.  However, sometimes there is a need to have a course, which is made up of enrollment of many other courses in addition to any merged or individual course faculty use for teaching.

To clarify, this is a scenario.  Spanish 101 has 30 sections, which are taught by multiple instructors.  There is a need to deliver teaching content and exams to all the sections of Spanish 101, while individual courses are not affected. 

This would be accomplished by creating a new continuous course given to the coordinator.  Next, an automation setup would add all students, who are registered for Spanish 101 to the new course.  The automation does not remove students.  At the end of each term students can be removed from the course in bulk.

The course contains a pattern in course id to identify all sections ex: SPAN.101
Permission is granted by the department authority to combine the enrollments.


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