Why can't a student see their course on Blackboard?

In some cases students are not able to access a Blackboard course because the course is listed as Unavailable to students" or there is a problem with registration.

The most common reason is because the instructor has not made the course 'available' to students yet.
Contact the instructor to ask if their course is ready to be viewed by students, and if so ask them to make the course available.

  1. If it is 'available', check the User's availability under Control Panel
  2. Users and Groups and verify whether it is set to 'yes' or 'no'.
  3. If it is 'no', ask student to contact the registration office to confirm their registration or check if there is an issue with their account.

Please have the student take a screenshot of their Banner registration. The reason for this is that unpaid tuition bills will sometimes drop a student.  The registrar may have other reasons to cancel a registration and the student may not know about it.


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