How to publish an Echo360 ALP capture to a different class date or section.

This article details how to republish a completed capture in order to make it available to students in a different section or class time.

1. From the completed captures page, find the capture needed.
2. Click on the capture row to open the "capture details page".
3. Below the capture preview, click Publishing. Existing publishing information for the capture appears.

Publishing info screen

4. Click Publish. The "Publish to a new location" dialog box appears.
Publish to a new location screen
5. Select To a course.
6. Use the drop-down lists to select a Course, then select a Section. Begin typing the course or section identifier in the text box for each drop-down list, to filter the list for easier selection.
7. Select whether to create a New class or publish the capture to an Existing class.
8. If you create a new class to hold the capture, enter the Class name, Start date, Start time, Duration, and a Description.
9. If necessary, select Availability details:  
A. Now - Makes the capture visible immediately to the individual or section. This is the default.
B. On a specific date - Makes the capture available as of the date entered (yyyy-mm-dd).
C. To set a window of availability, also select On a specific date under the Make Unavailable section, and enter the date the capture is to become unavailable.
D. Don't make available - Publishes the capture to the location (typically a section) but not available for student viewing. The instructor will see the capture in the class page, and can make the capture available to students as appropriate.
10. Click Publish.


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