What is the naming convention for creating new course sites in Blackboard?

What is the naming convention for creating new sites in Blackboard?

NOTE: When creating course IDs, please be sure to use ONLY LOWERCASE LETTERS IN THE courseID.

*CourseIDs cannot be changed once they are created.*

If capitalized letters are used in the courseID, our Banner integration will not recognize the site and student enrollments will not auto-populate properly. 

CourseID conventions:

  1. year.sem.course.###.CRN (2016.fall.psch.242.39457) for semester/CRN-based sites
  2. site.cont for continuing sites
In the past we also created: site.work for development sites, however we are going to deprecate this course id pattern.

Note: If the course id has a misspelling, students will not be added by automation and as a result the course will remain without enrollments.


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