How and when can an Instructor remove a question from a test that has already been deployed?

Instructors can remove a question editing the test, deleting the question, and clicking 'Delete and Regrade'

Instructor can delete the question at any point of time. Follow the steps below to do it:
  1. Go into the course and into the folder where test is deployed
  2. Move your mouse over the test name and you will see a chevron appearing
  3. Click on the chevron and hit the option "Edit the test"
  4. Scroll down to the question you want to delete. Near the question, you will see a chevron appearing
  5. Click on the chevron and hit "Delete and Regrade".
This will delete the question from the deployed test and regrade all the students who have already taken the test. For students who have not taken the test, it will just delete the question and they can take the test normally with other questions present

NOTE: This information applies to the Original Course View only


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