Why can't I see the courses I am enrolled in using Blackboard?

Why can't I see the courses I am enrolled in?

Enrollments happen automatically every night to reflect what Banner has for both instructors and students. Support staff can add instructors if the department or instructor on record requests it. Students should NOT be added manually because they will be removed when the database syncs again.

Answer to Client (Student)

Dear student,

Courses are automatically removed/added to your Blackboard portal after 24 hours of your enrollment. If you recently enrolled, please allow some time for your new course to appear. If you didn't just enroll to your courses, please note that not all professors use Blackboard and sometimes do not make the course available to students until later in the semester. Check with your professor whether she/he will be using Blackboard or not this semester and inform them you are not able to see the course listed.

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Tue 1/26/21 9:00 PM
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