How do I view corrupted documents submitted through blackboard?

This document provides information to respond to the question "How do I view corrupted documents submitted through blackboard?"

Any machine with a valid Microsoft Office installation should be able to open a .doc file as it was the standard used by Microsoft Word until 2003 ( unless the version of Word being used predates 2003) . The new default format is .docx so that should work too.

Unfortunately, there are many 'corrupt-my-file' programs available online that will corrupt any file that are passed through their system. In such a case, there is no way to tell if the file was actually corrupted ( rare, but possible) or, corrupted with malicious intent. If this seems like a delay-tactic, you may want to ask your students to submit a PDF file too - it is almost impossible for both files to be corrupted. In this instance, professors may also add the message: "students are responsible for uploading a readable non corrupt word document" to future assignments.


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