My course site doesn't exist, can you create one?

This document provides instructions on how to respond to "My course site doesn't exist, can you create one?"

Check if the course exists, sometimes the site has a different instructor or no instructor at all. If that's the case, request the person to send an authorization from their academic department.

If the course is not in the system, then the course may be a non-gradable section. You need to create the courses per request using a specific naming convention. To create a course, login as an administrator and go to Courses, then Create Course, then New:

  • Use course name as in this example: ART 401 Senior Projects: Critique (35952) 2016 Fall
  • Use course id:

If you do not have the CRN or official name for the course check here the class schedule:

Check that the instructor requesting the course site is the instructor of record in the schedule and add him/her manually using the Users and Groups in the control panel for the particular course.


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