Why can't my professor find me in the course that I am enrolled?

My professor tried to add me to the course manually but they failed to find me.

When instructors add users to the course site, they type user's net ID including uic.edu, which can lead to fail add yours to the course site. Another reason is that instructors click 'Browse' when attempting to search for the user's net ID.

Enrollments happen automatically every night to reflect what Banner has for both instructors and students. Support staff can add instructors if the department or instructor of record request it. Students should NOT be added manually unless the time has passed and the student is not showing - which should be escalated to a support staff with admin access.

Answer to Client (Student)

Dear student,

Courses are automatically removed/added to your Blackboard portal after 24 hours of your enrollment. If you recently enrolled, please allow that time for your new course to appear.

If after the time has passed, your are still unable to access your course, please take a screenshot of your course enrollment and reply to this email; this image will provide the necessary information for us to escalate the incident.

Thank you for contacting the LTS,


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Tue 1/26/21 9:00 PM
Wed 4/21/21 5:09 PM