How do I remove an instructor from my course site?

There have been a few cases where the Primary Instructor of a course wishes to have other instructors removed from their Blackboard course site, even though the instructor-to-be-removed is listed as an instructor in Banner. While it is not possible to outright remove them from Blackboard, the following workaround can be performed:

1) Access the Blackboard course site.
2) Under Users and Groups, click on Users.
3) Locate the instructor to be removed and edit.
4) Change the user's role in the course to student, and set the enrollment availability to unavailable.

By changing the instructor-to-be-removed's role to student and having them set as unavailable, it makes it so that the instructor-to-be-removed can no longer access nor participate in the Blackboard course site.


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Tue 1/26/21 8:57 PM
Wed 4/21/21 5:09 PM