What are the different ways to set Box permissions?

Box permissions can be managed in different ways. Below are some useful ways to share content in Box:

Shared Links let others view content stored in Box from a web browser, whether the recipient has a Box account or not. Shared links include the Box framework around the file, to allow permission-appropriate navigation.
Direct links: If you want to embed images or files from Box into web pages, you'll want to use a direct link. For an example of how to do this with a campus web hosting system, see:
Collaboration Invitations let registered Box users have long-term access to folders in Box via the web or Box applications on Windows, MacOS, and mobile.
Review the collaboration permissions levels and pick the right combination of access, edit, and delete permissions for each invited collaborator. We recommend Viewer Uploader for inviting users to upload and edit files, but restricting them from deleting anything.

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Review the Best Practices category of the Box Service Blog to learn more about how to organize and secure your data stored in Box.


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