TEMPLATE: What if I don't want my course to be archived?

Course are archived automatically each summer in June; however, instructors can prevent their course from being archived by removing the "Archive" tag.

*We are not promoting this option openly, however if a ticket comes in where they are asking that we don't archive their course, here is a sample answer you can use:*

A tag has been added to the course name that includes the word "Archived", the session and the year, such as "Archived SU17: ". To keep your course from being archived, simply remove the tag in order to preserve the course and no further action will need to be taken. The requestor will need administrative rights to the course to do this so they must be the course instructor.

To change the name of the course in order to remove the tag from it, you must do the following:

 After logging into Blackboard, click on your course, 

find your Control Panel in the left, gray bar, 

click on Customization

click on Properties and you'll be able to edit "Course Name".


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