How can I update my Emergency Email from a Satellite Campus?

Template to use once a satellite campus emergency email is updated per the request of the user's Phonebook Contact.

Please follow these instructions to reset your password:

1. Visit: and scroll to the bottom of the page.


2. Type your NetID in the box next to: Use Emergency Email
3. Click on the button: Use Emergency Email

An email with a time-sensitive link for resetting the password will be
sent to the non-UIC email address that you provided. To ensure timely
delivery of the message, please add to your email
allowed list or address book (for web-based email providers such as

If you do not receive the rescue email within 24 hours make sure you have
checked your spam folder and allowed list for:, please reply
to this message.

You will then be directed to update your recovery options. Once your recover options are updated, follow these directions to create a new password:


1. Go to this link:

2. Click on: I forgot my password
3. Enter your NetID (DO NOT include, '')

4. Click on: Enter
5. Choose a recovery option and follow the prompts


Once your password is successfully reset. Visit these links to learn how to update your password reset and recovery options:

It is recommended that you regularly review and update/add recovery options as needed. This will ensure the quickest and most convenient method to recover your password if you should need it in the future. 



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