Can I allow anyone to host my Webex meeting using a template?

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You can allow anyone to host a Webex meeting with a template. You can create a template where the first person joining the meeting could host/start the meeting. Log in to and follow the directions below:

  1. Click on Classic View in the upper right, next to your name.

  2. Click on Webex Meetings. (note that is says "Meeting Center" in the screenshot, this was changed in a Cisco update, but is in the same place)

  3. Select Schedule a Meeting.

  4. You can then check the box that says "Let anyone with a host account on this site host my meeting."

  5. Save this as a template.

meeting center screen

Note: After creating this template, you will be able to select this template when scheduling a meeting in Outlook.

  1. Click Add Webex.

  2. Click Change Settings.

  3. Select desired template from the dropdown menu.

where to choose templates


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