How can I allow guests to access my Blackboard course?

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An instructor may wish to allow users without a UIC NetID to view portions of their Blackboard course. There are two ways to do this:

A. Obtaining a Temporary NetID

Directions on obtaining a guest account.

B. Allowing Guest Access

An instructor can allow someone without a UIC NetID to have limited Guest Access to the course. This will allow them to have “view only” access to select content Items.

  1. Select Customization under the Course Management Control Panel for a course site.

  2. Select Guest and Observer Access from the items below Customization to display the Guest and Observer Access page.

Course Mangement menu showing Customization drop down with Guest and Observer Access option

3. Under Allow Guest Access, select Yes
allow guest access pop up with yes and no radio button options


4. Click Submit
5. Select the content items to which you would like guest users to have access. Hover over any of the left-hand navigation items and click on the chevron that appears. Select Permit Guests.

You can now send out a direct URL to any content area of the course that permits guests to anyone.  Copy the URL from the browser address bar or right-click on a folder in your course. 
Note: This information pertains to the Original Course View only


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