How do I troubleshoot a Blackboard Collaborate disconnection?

Anyone could be disconnected from Blackboard Collaborate if WIFI network stops or a number of computer conditions arise.

General Collaborate Ultra Troubleshooting

Browser Settings

  • For the best experience, make sure that you are using Google Chrome, as it is the most compatible with Collaborate Ultra.
  • Sometimes switching to a different browser may help in more reliable connection to the video conferencing system.
  • Check that your browser is fully up-to-date. 
  • Check the browser’s microphone and webcam settings to make sure the correct input is selected and that Collaborate Ultra has not been blocked. 
  • Clear your browser’s cache.

Settings for Your Computer 

Make sure that the correct audio/video input/output is selected on your computer. The easiest way to test is to try using different programs. Are you able to play sound on your computer? Can you use the microphone/webcam in a different program (such as Skype for Business)? 

Restart Your Computer 

Restarting your computer can often solve a host of technological issues. When in doubt, try restarting. This may seem like a last resort, but reloading programs, resetting internal memory, and stopping programs that are no longer needed, all happen during a computer restart.

Check Your Network Settings 

For the best experience, use a strong internet connection.  Instead of using WIFI, try a wired connection directly into your home modem.  If possible, please don't use cell data connection as it may be unreliable.

Try Another Internet Connection and Computer 

Trying another internet connection and/or computer will help to narrow down the issue. Are you able to access your Collaborate Ultra session on a different computer or a different network?

Review Some More Options

Blackboard prepared a few resources to help with reviewing the connection to Blackboard Collaborate.  In many instances, the Blackboard Collaborate system will tell you what is the health of your connection.

Best practices for best experience

All attendees

  • Close all programs on your computer except for the browser you are using for your Collaborate session.
  • Use a hard-wired (Ethernet) connection, if available. If not available, use a Wifi connection.
  • Only use up-to-date Internet browsers that are supported by Blackboard Collaborate.  
  • Use video during the session only when necessary.


If you are concerned about attendees missing something because of poor network connections, you also can try these things.

  • Record sessions so attendees can review what they may have missed.
  • Upload presentations and scripts where attendees can find them.
  • Mute attendees in large sessions. If you need to, you can also stop participants from sharing their video from Session Settings.
  • Monitor connection status of attendees to see if anyone may be missing anything. Keep the Attendees panel open to make this easier.


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