How do I create a link to Echo360 in the left navigation?

Some students will find it easier to locate Echo360 content if a link to it is more obvious. In addition, the Safari browser has exhibited some issues when trying to open Echo360 sections and content within the Blackboard frames. Users can right-click this link to open Echo360 in a new tab/window.

To configure a left-navigation link to the Echo360 assessments tool link:

  1. Log in to Blackboard, and navigate to the course where you want to add the left-navigation link.
  2. Click the Plus Sign (+) located above the Course navigation list, and select Course Link from the menu.
  3. From the Add Course Link dialog box that appears, select Browse next to the Location text box.
  4. A popup box appears showing all course links available to select.
  5. If necessary, expand the Content folder to show the Echo360 Assessments link created using the instructions previously performed above.
  6. Click the Echo360 content item listed there.
  7. Edit the Name of the course link if necessary (this is the text that will appear for the link in the left navigation).
  8. Enable the Available to Users check box.
  9. Click Submit.

    example echo 360 course page with Add Course Link dialog box open highlighting the browse button

Note: This information applies to the Original Course View Only


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