Removing file permissions in Blackboard Learn Content System (Webdisk)

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Before Recycling a file in the Content System, you should remove all the permissions you might have granted if you shared the file with someone. To look at the file permissions follow these steps:

  • click the Content System tab on top of the Blackboard page
  • navigate to the file you want to Recycle
  • click the hand-like icon below the Permissions column name
  • on the Manage Permissions page, click the User/User List checkbox to select everything except yourself (Owner) and then click Delete
  • click Ok to go back to the previous screen
  • click the checkbox next to the file name and then click Recycle
  • the file is now in the Recycle Bin and will be permanently removed when the system maintenance task runs next time

For more information about Permissions please consult the Blackboard Learn page about Content Collection Permissions.


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