Resumable Tests in Blackboard Learn

Faculty members and teaching staff can minimize the effect of students being kicked out while taking a Blackboard test and reduce the need to have to reset students' test attempts by making the Blackboard tests resumable. Following are the steps how to make the test resumable:

  1. Test deployment options can be changed at any time, by simply clicking on the Chevron double down arrows next to the test name and selecting, Edit Test Options
  2. Not selecting Force Completion ( the default) is done under Test Availability and is the key as having this setting disabled permits the students to resume taking the quiz where they left off, before their test taking was interrupted for any reason. As long as the test deadline has not expired, students can jump back in, complete the test and click that final Submit button, even if by the time they click Submit the deadline has passed.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:44 PM
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