How do I install Echo360 Universal Capture?

Echo360 Universal Capture application can be installed to a PC to use as personal capture software to record your screen and an additional video source.

1. Log in to

2. Click on the settings menu (Gear Icon), and select Downloads.

3. On the Downloads page, locate Universal Capture: Personal, and select the installer for the type of operating system installed on your computer (Mac/Windows)

4. Click on the downloaded Zip file.

5. Open the installer.   Note: Images shown in this section may vary based on the operating system installed on your computer, and what you see may appear differently than the images in this guide.

6. Your web browser will ask you if you want to open the installer file. Select Run or Save File to get started with the installation process.

7. The installation wizard will now be open on your Computer. Click Continue to begin the process and follow the prompts as presented.


8. After completing the installation wizard, the software will be installed. You may now close the installation wizard and launch the Echo360 capture software.


How do I use Echo360 Universal Capture?



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