How do I poll my students in the classroom using Echo360?

Echo360 allows instructors to add interactive slides into their presentation, of which there are five activities to choose from: Multiple choice, Short answer, Image quiz, Ordered list, and Numerical.

1. Get Started

If you are new to Echo360, consult the quick guide "Record your Lectures with Echo360"
for information on setting up your Echo360 account, and managing presentation.
2. For a graded poll: 

A. Select the Content area from the sidebar menu where you would like to add your link. 

B. Click Assessments.

C. Select Echo360 from the dropdown menu. A link to Echo360 will appear in your content area and a column in grade center will be created.

For an ungraded poll, follow the same steps, but use the Build Content menu, or make a Tool Link in the course navigation menu. 

3. Edit a Presentation

A. For an existing presentation, from the Echo360 Dashboard, select Library and locate the presentation. 

B. Mouse over the presentation image, to reveal a drop down menu indicator. 

C. Click the arrow to open the menu of options.  

D. Click Edit Presentation. All the individual presentation slides will appear.

4. Add an Activity

A. Click Add Activity. For this example we will choose Multiple Choice.

5. Create a Multiple Choice activity.

A. Enter the question.

B. Add the answer options and designate the correct answer(s).

C. Click Done.

D. Click preview to see the student view.

6. Show your Presentation

A. Open up your presentation from the class list.

B. Proceed through your slides until you get to the activity slide.

C. Students will respond to the polling/activity slide.

D. Show the results to students. More Information


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