How can I preview a tool integrated in Blackboard as student?

Blackboard integrates many learning tools, like Panopto, Zoom, Gradescope, iClikers, and many more. Most of the time LTI tools go by email address. Since when using Blackboard "student preview" the account created and the instructor have the same email address, it looks like the same person.

There are two ways in which an instructor will be able to see how an integrated tool in Blackboard works for their students:
  1. An LTS support staff can set a personal email on the preview user for an instructor, or
  2. You can request secondary NetIDs which can be helpful in preview situations
Please contact the LTS team if you are interested in using any of the methods described above.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:43 PM
Thu 8/12/21 3:56 PM

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