Why is my Lecture Capture displaying a green screen?

If your lecture capture is displaying a green screen as seen below, it means the lecture capture device received a video signal but is not able to see it due to it receiving an encrypted video signal. This happens almost exclusively with Mac users. Unfortunately, Apple products use HDCP (a security protocol) to encrypt their video signals when using an HDMI output. There's two options available to circumvent this and ensure your Mac is lecture captured.

example of a screen that is all green with no text or icons
Option 1
  1. Check if the touch screen has a Content Protection setting under the HDMI source selection at the touch screen. 
    touch screen for source selection with instructions to select the icon of the connection, which includes V G A, H D M I, and R C A with Content Protection on and off buttons below
  2. BEFORE connecting your Mac, set Content Protection to OFF
  3. After setting Content Protection to OFF, you can connect your Mac to the HDMI cable. 
Option 2
If the touch screen does not display a Content Protection setting, you'll need to use the VGA external input instead. In this instance, an adapter will be needed but one can be checked out from the LTS Support Office located in Lecture Center E room E112. 
For more information on the different types of adapters available, please visit How do I know which adapter to use for my laptop? 


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