Why can't I download Echo360 videos?

You can download an Echo360 lecture capture if the video is set to be downloadable by the owner.

If a user is unable to download Echo360 videos, likely the instructor set them not to be downloadable.  This can occur for many reasons including copyright concerns.  

How can an instructor make their videos available?

  1. Navigate to the course/section at echo360.uic.edu
  2. Click edit
  3. Go to the EchoCenter section
  4. Check enable video downloads

How can you download an Echo360 video if it is enabled?

  1. Access the recordings list in Echo360 for the desired course.
  2. Locate the recording you wish to download.
  3. Hit the green play button, and select 'Download original' from the options that appear.
If you have multiple video feeds within this capture, you will have to select which video feed you would like to download. Alternatively, you can download an audio file, which will provide a file that plays only the audio captured in the recording.
Note: the video owner needs to allow a video to be downloaded in order for these steps to work.


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