How do I edit rubrics and make it available to the students?

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To edit a rubric and make it available to students:

Navigate to Control Panel > Course Tools > Rubrics

  1. On the Rubrics page, select Create Rubric. Type a title and optional description.
  2. Select Add Row to add a new criterion to the bottom of the grid.
  3. Select Add Column to add a new level of achievement to the grid.
  4. Choose a Rubric Typefrom the menu:
    • No Points: Provide feedback only.
    • Points: Each level of achievement has a single point value.
    • Point Range: Each level of achievement has a range of values.
    • Percent: Each item's possible points determines the percentage.
    • Percent Range: Each level of achievement has a range of values. When you grade, you select the appropriate percentage level for a particular level of achievement. The system calculates the points earned by multiplying the weight x achievement percentage x item points.
      Rubric Detail screen highlighting buttons for Add Row and Add Column as well as dropdown menu of typeform options
  5. To change a row or column's title, access a heading's menu and select Edit. Type the new title and select Save.
  6. Type a point or percentage value for each row and column.
  7. Type a description for the criteria and the associated level of achievement. Each cell has a 1,000-character limit.
  8. Select Submit.
Read more about Blackboard rubrics.

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