Why is iClicker Classic Installer not working on macOS Sierra?

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iClicker has confirmed that there is a known issue with the iClicker installer for macOS Sierra. Follow these steps as a work around.

In order for it to work correctly the following additional steps will need to be taken.
  1. Access iClicker.com/downloads and download the iClicker Classic software for Mac. The download of a .dmg file will begin. 
  2. Once it has completed downloading, doubleclick the .dmg file to mount it. It will then look like a removable USB drive.
  3. Create a new folder on your Mac to house the iclicker software.
  4. Copy and paste the iclicker.app file from the .dmg location into your new folder.
  5. Doubleclick the iclicker.app application in your new folder ( NOT from within the .dmg location). This will run the software and populate your new folder with all requisite folders for Resources, Classes, etc.
  6. Download the LMS_Wizard.xml. Place it into the new folder that was created in step 3.


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