How can I manage my students' grades in Blackboard?

Original Course View:

You can enter grades in the Grade Center in the following three ways:

1. Automatically Entered Grades

Tests are scored automatically and recorded in the corresponding Grade Center column. Scores are entered automatically for course items such as online tests, exams, and surveys. Some questions require manual grading such as Essay questions. You can manually edit grades (override) that are scored automatically.

2. Manually Entered Grades

You can manually enter grades directly in cells on the main Grade Center page by doing the following:

  • Click within a cell and type the value.

  • Press the Enter key. If you do not press the Enter key and you attempt to leave the entry cell or Grade Center, a dialog box asks if you want to save the grade entry.

  • Click OK to save the grade.

3. Upload Grades From External Sources

To eliminate repeated entry of Grade Center data in several tools, you can work offline and then upload grades into the Grade Center. You can upload grades from external sources such as a comma separated values (CSV) file or an Excel spreadsheet. Data must be formatted specifically to upload correctly and be synced with existing Grade Center data. 

NOTE: This information applies to the Original Course View only

Ultra Course View:

Grades in Ultra course view have a different user interface. For information on how to grade assignments in Ultra course view see: 


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