How do I edit a transcript when using the Echo360 Transcript Editor?

The Echo360 Transcript Editor allows editing, in order to make corrections, to the automatically generated text provided by Amazon ASR service.

When the Transcript Editor opens, it provides a playback panel on the left, and the text of the transcript, broken out into timed cues on the right. The CURRENTLY applied transcript is shown by default.

Once you make edits and save your changes, YOUR edited transcript becomes the current transcript applied to the media and will be shown in the transcript panel in the classroom. 
edit transcript screen identifying the text panel for editing
1. To edit the text of the cues, or to change the speaker tags for any of the cues, click Edit Transcript to enter "edit mode".
example screen highlighting the edit transcript button on the far right in the navigation bar
2. Once in "edit mode", the right panel changes, and allows you to click into any of the text cues to activate it. When active, you can move your cursor within the cue to make changes, or select a portion of text to type and replace it, as shown below.
right panel in edit mode showing text cue field
3. After changing the text, when you are finished with the cue, click outside of it, or click into a different cue to edit.
edit screen showing cue field after edits
4. If necessary, use the Undo or Redo buttons to revert/restore your edits.
edit screen highlighting the undo and redo buttons
5. When finished, click Save As New Version. This creates a new version of the transcript complete with your edits. This will be the version users see in the transcript panel in a classroom.
edit screen highlighting save as new version button at the far right in the tools bar
You can also CANCEL all of your edits if necessary.


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