How do I let a student re-submit an assignment in Blackboard?

Original Course View:

Go to Full Grade Center.

Locate the students attempt in the appropriate column.

Clear the first attempt, if applicable, by clicking the chevron drop down list next to the student's score. 

Select View Grade Details then on this page click the button to Clear Attempt.

Next, locate the assignment, select 'edit' with the chevron drop down menu, go to 'Availability' and make it available until the time agreed upon with student & instructor.

Note: If the assignment is set to allow a 'single attempt', students who submitted will not be able to resubmit. Unfortunately we could not find a way to make the test only available to the individual student, though that is possible with tests.

Ultra Course View:

It is not possible to "Clear Attempts" using the Ultra Course View. Instead when creating an assignment, allow multiple attempts.

Find more information on creating assignments with multiple attempts at Blackboard ULTRA; Multiple Attempts.

You can however "Override" the final grade for an assignment attempt. More information at Blackboard ULTRA: Override Grades.


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