How do I link additional Echo360 course sections to a Blackboard course site?

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Note: The process for creating additional links to Echo360 sections is the same as for a single section. 

In this case, multiple links with unique names could be placed in a content area. Each link would point to a different Echo 360 section. Content Area >> Build Content >> Echo can be selected as well as the example below. Once the section links are created, a Course Link to each section could be placed in the left hand course menu. This process is different then creating a Tool link to Echo360 which will only allow one Echo360 section link per course site.


A. Create the content link.

1. Log in to Blackboard and navigate to a course.
2. Click on a Content area from the selections on the left menu.
3. Click Assessments, then select "Echo360".

Add assement course link
4. On the Create Echo360 page, enter a name that makes it clear this is the link for Echo360 class content. This name will be the text of the link users will click to access their Echo360 content.
For "Enable Evaluation", select Yes and configure the following fields:Points Possible: This does not affect the data sent from Echo360, but since most metrics are sent as percentages, we recommend entering 100.
"Visible to Students": Set at your discretion.
"Due Date": Leave this blank unless you have a reason to change it.
5. Configure the other options as necessary, being sure that "Permit Users to View this Content" is set to Yes.
6. Click Submit. The link should now appear (with the given name) in your chosen Content page.

B. Connect link to Echo360 section.

1. Click the Echo360 link already added to the course.
2, Use the drop-down lists on the window that appears to find the course, term, and section.
Find section to link
3. If necessary select the Link to your Section Home radio button (it is selected by default).
4. Click Link Content as shown in the below figure.
Click Link Content
The LMS course/section is now linked to the corresponding Echo360 section. Users clicking the Echo360 link in Blackboard are taken to the Class List for the Echo360 section you just linked.


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