What are the Best Practices for instructors using Blackboard Learn Tests?

Gives tips on how to create online tests through blackboard

  1. Make tests resumable.
  2. Provide a practice test with similar characteristics as the real test to give students a chance to check their computer and browser configuration, their Internet connection, etc.
  3. Avoid creating long tests; break down long tests into a series of much smaller tests. Ideally, each test should take at most ten to 20 minutes to be completed. Use Blackboard Learn's Adaptive Release to easily allow students to take the next short test in a series of tests, sequentially, as they complete each test.
  4. If you don't make tests resumable at least give the students three (3) attempts to take the test. Typically, if students are going to experience problems taking tests online, the problems (usually browser or PC configuration-related) will manifest themselves during the first and second attempt at taking the test. By the third attempt, students generally have their technical problems resolved and can successfully complete a test. 
  5. Give students at least twice as long a time to complete a test. Note that the Blackboard Learn test timer starts the moment the student first launches the test. If they are given, say, two hours to complete the test, the two hour timer starts counting when they first open the test.  It is also good practice to make tests available for several days (especially in large classes of 60 or more students) to minimize the chance of a large group of students overwhelming the Blackboard Learn service because they all have to take a test in a rather narrow window.
  6. Realize that unless online tests are administered in a proctored environment, you should consider online tests to be take-home open-book examinations
  7. Ensure that students have ample notice with clear instructions on what the test is going to be like.
  8. Test deployment options can be changed by instructors and TAs at any time, for example, to extend the ending date or number of hours students have to complete the test. On the other hand, the actual test questions cannot be changed once the test has been deployed. Blackboard Learn will warn instructors attempting to change test questions, correct answers, point assigns, etc. after the test has been deployed, that saving such modifications will permanently delete all student data associated with those students that already took the test.


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