How do I insert and caption embedded clips into Panopto?

This article summarizes how to add and caption embedded clips in Panopto.

To add a captioned video clip to another video in Panopto, first caption the video clip using the directions below. If you have already captioned your video, skip to step 6. For more information, see How to add ASR captions to Panopto.
In the video CLIP:
1. Locate the video clip you will be inserting into the main video. Click on edit (the pencil icon) to open editing mode. 
example of video options bar with a pencil icon for the edit function
2. In the left navigation bar, click Captions. Click on "import captions" and select "import automatic captions" from the dropdown menu. This may take a moment for longer videos. 
in editing mode, there is an import captions dropdown with the import automatic captions option
3. Edit the captions as necessary, correcting any typos by clicking on the captions that appear in the left side of the screen.  
example captions screen which shows caption text and a highlight over selected text to edit
4. When done captioning, click the green Apply button in the upper right corner of the screen. 
close up of the apply button
1. Navigate to the video into which you will be inserting your clip. Click on edit (the pencil icon) to open editing mode. 
view again of the edit button
2. From the timeline, click on the location where you wish to insert the clip. From the left side of the timeline menu, click on the plus icon and select "Add a clip" from the dropdown menu. 
timeline menu showing the add a clip option and highlighting point in video timeline where it will be added.
3. Select the appropriate video and click Insert
add a clip screen highlighting an example video clip and the insert button
4. You will see the newly inserted clip in Panopto.
example video screen highlighting the added clip
5. If you have not already captioned the main video, follow steps 1-4. 
6. Once all edits have been made, click the green Apply button at the top right corner of the page. The video edits may take some time to process.
navigation view of the apply button


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