How do I request a UIC department branded course welcome page?


Courses are created as empty shells in Blackboard. Instructors create content for courses, but some content, such as previous semester course or specific department-approved elements can be copied into a current course. 

Course Welcome Page

A Blackboard course can include a department welcome page with graphical elements and links to useful resources as well as other course elements that keep the course branded and stylized to other courses in that department. Not all departments have a welcome page with department elements, and the course instructor has to approve such action in their own course. Course welcome page can be customized in several ways:

  1. Course Homepage link can be customized directly by a Blackboard instructor
  2. Blackboard Course Name can be easily customized by the instructor
  3. Custom buttons linking to departmental student resources to help build community
  4. Banner with custom images and logo to connect students to their college
  5. Link to UIC-related news and events

blackboard homepage example

Please inquire with your department support staff to see if a course welcome page is available for your course. If approved by the Dean or Department head, a Blackboard welcome page can be designed per request. Submit a request for a new welcome page or for changes needed in the current welcome page to 

Request Process

When a department/college welcome page is available, you can request that to be copied to your course using the Course Copy Request:
  • In the CourseID of Blackboard course site to be copied (source) write the department/college or UIC general welcome page. If you teach in LAS, you'll use: site.cont.2020.LAS.welcome
  • The destination will be the course you would like the welcome page to appear (i.e., your current course).

Learn More

The following links will show you how to modify the home page:


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