How do I use the UIC Blackboard template?

Using the UIC Blackboard template

The Blackboard learning management system provides two formats for course sites: Original Course View and Ultra Course View. All courses are created in Original Course View but instructors have the option to request that their empty course site be changed to an Ultra Course View site. 

Original Course View - This view contains many of the advanced tools and workflow that instructors may be comfortable with. However, other users may find this experience more complicated to navigate. After logging into your Blackboard Original course, you will see a Home Page. The home page is customized with links and a banner. You’ll also see a standardized course navigation menu, providing a standardized menu structure that can drive consistency and help students stay organized. Instructors will be able to edit the course navigation menu; however, the banner, images, and links on the home page are controlled at the college/department level. You’ll notice the home page includes helpful links in the header image for students, as well as a set of information modules that can help students stay on track. It contains details about new content and due dates for the course. Information is presented in boxes called modules, such as My Announcements, My Tasks, To Do, and What's New. Consult - How can I change the point of entry for my course? if you want to keep the home page visible but want to change the course entry point in your course.


Ultra Course View - The Ultra Course View is a simpler and more modern course experience for instructors and students. The workflow and tools are easy to find and use in the Ultra Course View.


Next steps for customizing the template.

Note: If you are copying a course from a previous semester, be sure to delete any additional content areas. You can safely remove any tools you won’t be using in your class and add tools you will use.

Select how you will organize your course with Learning Modules or Folders

  1. Review the information on the learning module and folder structures, to learn more visit Original - Create Learning Modules and  Original - Content Collection Folder Types or Ultra - Create Learning Modules and Ultra - Content Collection Folder Type.
  2. Select whether you will utilize learning modules or folders for the main organization of your course site.
  3. Delete the templates you aren't using, for example, if selecting learning modules then delete the folder structures for Getting Started and Weekly Content.


Edit the Getting Started content section

  1. Open the Getting Started section (learning module or folder).
  2. Each page in this section is editable and contains an explanation of why you should include the page in your course.
  3. Edit each page to add your course information.
    1. Add a written or video introduction to the course.
    2. Add your course learning objectives or course goals.
    3. Add your contact information and bio.
    4. Add your syllabus by utilizing one of the templates.
    5. Add information about the alignment of your assessments and learning objectives.
    6. Add information about assessments' due dates and grading scales.
    7. Add your course policy information.


Edit the Sample Week to create your Weekly Content

  1. Review the Recommendation for Weekly format page for best practices for organizing weekly content.
  2. Create an introduction to the upcoming week's content and list the learning objectives on the overview page.
  3. Fill in the Weekly Activities on the overview page.
  4. Add instructional material and media to support student achievement of the learning objectives.
  5. Add your synchronous session information (if applicable) on the live session page.
  6. Add a quiz, assignment, or discussion board.
  7. Create a wrap-up post for the week.


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