How do I take a test in Blackboard Original?

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You can take a test in Blackboard Original

Where do I access tests and surveys?

You can find tests and surveys in any content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder.


Tests and Surveys screen highlighting Tests and Surveys button in the left-hand navigation


Watch a video about tests

Video: Test overview provides an overview of tests in Blackboard Learn in the Original Course View.
The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.


Tips for taking a test

Start your test as soon as you can. 

If your instructor makes a test available for three days, plan to take the test early on the first day. If you have an issue, you'll have time to contact technical support and your instructor.

Read all of the instructions. 

If you have any trouble with your test or understanding test questions, contact your instructor immediately.

Check your internet connection.

  • A wired connection is usually more reliable than a wireless connection.
  • Check with your instructor and institution before you take a test with a cellular data connection. Most institutions will advise you to avoid a cellular data connection. Exceptions: Your institution is a Blackboard mobile-enabled site with the Blackboard app available and your instructor has created a mobile-compatible test.
  • Don't refresh the page, close the window, or use the browser's back button while you take a test. If you have problems during a test, contact your instructor immediately.

Take a test or survey

Navigate to the test or survey and select the title. On the next page, select Begin. Your instructor might require that you type a password to begin. If necessary, type the password and select Submit. The system continues to prompt for a valid password until you provide the correct one.
example test introduction page with test title and details followed by begin section with button in lower right
Note: Don't use the browser's back button during a test or survey as this may cause loss of data. If you have problems during a test, contact your instructor immediately.

Take Test or Survey page

Example Take Test page, highlighting test information at the top, details on remaining time and completion status above the questions

View the details.

At the top of each test or survey, you can view the information about multiple attempts, the timer, navigation, and an optional description and instructions. You're also informed if you must complete the test or survey after you open it. Select the arrows next to the information section to collapse or expand it.
If your test or survey is timed, you're informed of the instructor's choice. The timer status bar keeps you updated on the time left.
  1. Auto-submit: The test or survey saves and submits automatically when time expires. The Submitted page appears.
  2. Continue beyond the time limit: You receive no automatic penalty if you continue beyond the time limit. However, final scoring decisions are made by your instructor. Talk to your instructor if you have questions about this setting. The total time you spend on the test or survey is recorded and available to your instructor when you submit.
Note: If you save and exit, the timer continues to run. For example, you start on Tuesday, save and exit, and then complete the test on Thursday. The timer will show that you took 48 hours to complete.


  • View completed questions. 
    • The Question Completion Status section displays a saved icon for each question you have answered. You can select a question number to jump to that question. Select the arrows next to the status section to collapse or expand it.
  • Clear your Multiple Choice answer. 
    • If you're unsure of your selection on a Multiple Choice question, you may double-click to clear your answer choice.
  • Your answers are auto-saved.
    • You can also select Save Answer next to each question or Save All Answers as you work. When you save an answer, Saved appears in the question's row.
  • Ready to submit? 
    • When you're finished, select Save and Submit. You may see your score immediately if all questions are auto-graded and your instructor releases this information. However, your instructor must manually grade some question types such as Essays.


More information on testing available on the Blackboard Help website.


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