What should I do if I get Error: no audio output device installed?

This error occurs if an application such as Wimba Voice Tools tries to use an audio device and finds that it is unable to use that resource. Note that this also applies to when you try to use a pair of headphones, but the headphones are not taken as the primary audio device.


  1. Right click on the sound icon sound icon in bottom right hand corner of the screen in the taskbar.
  2. Go to the playback devices tab and check to make sure that the speakers are enabled. If you do not see anything on that tab, right click in the tab and check the 'show disabled devices'.
  3. Go to the recording devices and check to see that at least one of the devices is enabled. Once again if you don't see any device listed then check to make sure 'show disabled devices' is checked.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:37 PM
Tue 6/8/21 12:09 PM