How can I send an Echo video to non-UIC faculty for closed-captioning services?

Because Echo normally requires a UIC login, you would complete the following steps to send a video to the DRC faculty without NetIDs:

  1. Log in to Echo 360 at
  2. Place your mouse over the desired lecture or video
  3. Click "Closed Caption" to download an mp3 file
  4. Send the mp3 and accompanying slides to DRC

The "closed caption" option in Echo 360 allows you to download just an mp3 file whereas clicking "download" will download the entire Echo 360 folder with many extraneous files -- so be sure to not to choose "download."

Alternatively, you can download an mp3 (audio only) file by clicking "play mp3" and then "download media file." Clicking "play m4v" will prompt a download of an m4v file (audio and video).


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