What are my responsibilities if I receive an Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan?

The receiving student is responsible for the security of the laptop and its accessories. If the laptop is damaged, lost, or stolen, the student may be responsible for costs up to the full value of the laptop ($1,200).

Technology Solutions is not responsible for non-Technology Solutions programs or files remaining on the laptop once the laptop is returned, and is not responsible for loss or damage to a user’s non-Technology Solutions programs or files as a consequence of use of the laptop. The student is required to agree to and sign a receipt prior to obtaining the laptop. The receipt contains all pertinent information about the computer.

The student must be enrolled and in good standing with UIC to remain in the Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan program. If at any time this is not the case, the student is required to return the laptop to Technology Solutions.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:35 PM
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