How do I adopt open textbooks?

In order to provide open textbooks to your students as alternatives to the textbooks they need to purchase, complete the following steps:

  1. Search for and examine the textbooks that are available through the various Open Textbook sources
  2. Identify the textbooks that may be appropriate for your course.  [Note: not all subject areas and topics will have open textbook alternatives.]
  3. If you do find open textbooks that sound appropriate for your course, you will next need to review and evaluate both the content and quality of the material to ensure it will meet your needs.  Several guides are available detailing how to evaluation Open Education Resources.
  4. Determine if you want to use the textbook as is, or edit or modify the content prior to assigning it to your students. One of the benefits of open textbooks is you can use them as is, or customize them for specific course to meet both your teaching style and content needs. You do need to make sure the licensing will allow you to make edits or add content - this will depend on the source of the textbook. You can use the following guides to evaluate the open textbooks you are considering:
  5. Disseminate the open textbook to your students. RedShelf and VitalSource (Bookshelf) integrate with Blackboard Learn. See the Academic Digital Resources short tutorial to learn how (Requires login with UIC's NetID and Password) 

See also: Six Steps to Modifying an Open Textbook


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