How can I test Blackboard integrations as student?

To test integrations as a student, you should request a secondary NetID.

Sometimes it is helpful to test integrations in Blackboard (e.g., Panopto, Respondus, VoiceThread, etc.) from the perspective of a student. 
There are three levels of access in Blackboard:

  • Guest Access: Individual content pieces in any course can be made accessible to any user. No access to tools is allowed by guests
  • Student Preview: each instructor can view their course as student. Allows access to Blackboard native tools, such as Assignments and Discussion Board.
  • Secondary NetID: a new login to Blackboard that is a separate account and can be added to any course as student with full access to other tools/systems.

The best way to do this is to request a secondary NetID by emailing Here is a template you can use to make your request:



Please create a secondary NetID for my UIC account with portal access, so I can conduct advanced testing in Blackboard. While I do have student preview in my Blackboard courses, I also need to test cloud integrations from a non-instructor account.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Your secondary NetID will have a separate password. If you want to change a password on a secondary NetID, follow the instructions here:


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