How do you add content to the Content Area instead of the content system?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to add contents to the navigation menu:

  1. Click on the course you want to add a link.
  2. Click on the PLUS + sign on the top left corner of the page and select Content Area.
  3. Type the name (like Assignments or Course Documents) you want.
  4. Click on "available to users" if you want to make the links available to students immediately.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Next click on the link you added to the course menu.
  7. Using the action bar on the screen to the right, mouse over "Build Content" and then Create a Content Item, Folder or File.
  8. Add text in the text box or upload files "from your computer".
  9. Click Submit, your content appears in the frame.

For further clarification, please click on the video link that demonstrates the steps you need to take to add contents.

Note: This information applies to the Original Course View only.


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Fri 1/15/21 6:34 PM
Thu 8/12/21 4:38 PM

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