How do I join a Collaborate session in Ultra?

You can search for a session or access Collaborate from your course

Where do I find Blackboard Collaborate?

From your course select Tools and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

In Blackboard Collaborate Ultra a unique session link is generated to help each session identify you. Each link is associated with an individual session and a specific user in that session. This means that the link only works for you in that moment. You are not able to use the link to join session again or share your link with another user. Session links expire after 5 minutes.

example course room screen with join course room link at the far right

ULTRA: Access Blackboard Collaborate from your course

Details & Actions > Join session

Instructors can copy session links and add the weblink to the course content area.

You can also find Collaborate sessions under the course Details & Actions. The Collaborate camera icon appears in purple to show you and other course members when people are active in the Collaborate room.

Details and Actions screen highlighting the Blackboard Collaborate join session link with drop down to course room

Select Join session from the Details & Actions menu on the Course Content page. If there is more than one session, you can select the one you want to join from the menu. Select the arrow to expand the list of available sessions.

When you join a session it opens in a new window or browser, depending on your browser settings.

Note: You can't see Collaborate recordings of the Course Room at this time.

If your instructor creates a group assignment or test and has enabled conversations, you can also use Collaborate Ultra to meet virtually with your group. Each group member joins the sessions as a presenter, so you can use additional features such as white boards and file sharing.

To open your group's Collaborate room, open your assignment and select the Open Collaborate room icon. You can also find the Collaborate room in the Conversations panel.

example course screen highlighting the course content area and group assignment option

ULTRA: View session recordings

Recorded sessions are saved as MP4s. Recordings include audio, any content shared or active speaker video, and the captions entered during the live session.

You can view recordings in courses you are enrolled in. You may be able to download recordings. Instructors must allow session recording downloads for each session.

You can find Collaborate recordings under the course Details & Actions. Select More options for Collaborate and select View all recordings.

details & actions screen showing view all recordings as described in steps


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