Is my VoiceThread considered accessible?

The following information summarizes the accessibility features of VoiceThread.

What Makes VoiceThread Accessible

VoiceThread is Section 508 compliant.

  1. VoiceThread Universal is VoiceThread’s application designed for students who use a screen reader to access content on the web. To access VoiceThread Universal:
    • If you’re using the standard VoiceThread site, click on “Universal” at the bottom of the VT Home page.
    • Enter into your address bar.
  2. Automated Closed-Captioning is now available by default in any VoiceThread created after 8/10/2020.

    Older recordings can be captioned by making a copy of those VoiceThreads. The copies will be perceived as "new" VoiceThreads in the system, and they will be captioned.
  3. Using the principles of Universal Design, there are many different participatory methods to address different types of learning styles and needs:
    • Text
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Phone-in
    • Upload video


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