How can I edit the Closed Captions in VoiceThread?

This article will give you an option for editing captions as well as changing the Closed Caption font size appearance in VoiceThread.

Editing caption font size

The Closed Caption font size cannot be changed or customized currently. You can however, resize the Comment Window by dragging the bottom-right corner. The captions should scale with that expansion to fill the space available.

Editing captions

Once a caption has been added to a slide or comment in VoiceThread, you can always edit it to make changes or correct any mistakes in the text body. To begin, open the Closed Caption window, and then click on “Edit Captions” near the bottom.


This will open the caption editor, where you can make manual changes to the text.

 Make sure you save before closing the editor, and those changes will be visible in the VoiceThread instantly. 


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