Where can I find out more about Echo360?

UIC provides all faculty and instructors with a free and easy-to-use lecture capture tool called Echo360. Along with features provided by the tool, UIC faculty have access to support, learning workshops, and personal consultations.

Lecture Capture

The main function of Echo360 is to provide lecture capture (the recording of instructor class presentations) in selected classrooms.

Consult this article to find a classroom.


LTS may need to create a section for your course. You can make that request for your class by filling out the form at Echo360 request.


Working with Video


If you are going to be pre-recording your lectures, you can download Universal Capture for a PC to your computer. You can also upload a video you have already created. 

If using a Windows device, the user needs to have Windows 10 or later for Universal Capture Personal to work. In some cases, you may need admin permission to download software on a device. Universal Capture- Personal allows for the recording of lectures, creating ad hoc or mini lectures for sharing with students.   

Echo 360 also added the ability to live stream as well.  Here is a brief video to show you how the Live Streaming works; Echo360 Live Streaming on UC-Personal


After logging into Echo360 Universal Capture at Echo360.org or through the LMS, and create a video- it will upload to the your library (recommended to get started), or a course where you are an instructor.   


Working with Presentations

You may want to grab one of your favorite presentations that you can upload and play during your lecture or recording. Here is additional info on working with presentations.


Engaging your Students with Active Learning

Are you ready to have students take a more active role in your class? Learn how to get them involved in the conversation and participating by using engaging polling and multimedia tools.


If you are in need of providing information to students to get up and running with Echo360, these may be helpful. 




Additional Resources

There are a variety of instructor resources available:


Contact LTS@uic.edu for questions.



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