How do you deploy a test?

Tests can be deployed by going into the content area, clicking Assessments, selecting Tests, and then choosing which test to deploy.

Original Course View:

After you create a test or survey, the next step is to deploy it. First, you add the test or survey to a content area, folder, learning module, or lesson plan. Then, you make the test or survey available to students.
  1. Navigate to where you want to add a test or survey.
  2. Making sure Edit Mode is ON, click on the Content Area in the left hand course menu where you want to deploy the test.
  3. Select Assessments to access the menu and select Test or Survey.
  4. Select a test or survey from the list.
  5. Select Submit. The Test or Survey Optionspage appears.
  6. Make the test or survey available to students.
  7. Optionally, select the options for feedback and display, and set the due date and display dates.
  8. Select Submit.

For more help: 

Ultra Course View:

In Ultra, after creating the test page, there is an option to change visibility. 


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