How do I turn my PowerPoint presentation into a video then share on Blackboard using Panopto?

Your narrated PowerPoint presentation can be exported and turned into an MP4 video, which can then be uploaded to Blackboard.

Step 1- Create a narrated Powerpoint


Step 2- Export the narrated Powerpoint 


Step 3- Connect your Blackboard course to Panopto from Blackboard

The Panopto video tool then enables you to upload and play that video in Blackboard using the below instructions.

a. At the top of your course menu, hover over the + plus button and select Tool Link
b. Name the link
c. Under Type, select Panopto Course Tool Application, then click Submit.
screen showing each of the steps A B and C
d. Click on the newly created link to access Panopto
e. In Panopto click Configure
f. Click, Add Course to Panopto
g. The results screen will confirm that the configuration was successful.
h. Click Return to course.
Panopto Content screen highlighting configure button and next screen showing add course to panopto option

Step 4- Upload your MP4 video to Blackboard using Panopto

a. In any Blackboard content area, hover over Build Content.
b. Under the Mashups heading, click on Panopto Video Embed.
c. Click Upload.
d. Drag and drop or click to browse for the file.
e. When the video is done uploading and “Processing Media” is complete, click Insert Video.
f. The video will appear in your designated content area.
In the Build Content function highlighting panopto video embed and under upload the area to choose video or audio files then the insert video button

NOTE:  This Learning Technology Solutions Quick Guide provides further instructions.


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