What can I do if my classroom does not support lecture capture?

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Only the classrooms listed have hardware to automatically capture lectures: https://help.uillinois.edu/TDClient/37/uic/KB/ArticleDet.aspx?ID=1474

If your classroom is not supported, then there are two options:

1. You could go with the Classroom Capture option. Classroom Capture is a Windows-only application that turns a classroom PC into a capture device for the room. There are some limitations though. You can only capture the installed computer, you'll need to connect a USB microphone, the PC needs to be logged in before the start of the scheduled capture in order to actually capture. If your classroom is not supported by LTS, you will also need to notify your IT group to coordinate with us so the classroom capture software can be installed on the PC in your classroom.

2. You can request a classroom change from Classroom Scheduling to a room that already has lecture capture support. A list of classrooms with lecture capture support can be found at https://help.uillinois.edu/TDClient/37/uic/KB/ArticleDet.aspx?ID=1474. Classroom Scheduling can be reached at classroomscheduling@uic.edu. Once they confirm the room change (if a classroom is available), you can re-submit your request for the supported classroom.


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