How does the student preview option work ?

The student preview option allows instructors to see the site as a student.

The student preview user allows you to view the course as a student. When you enter student preview mode, a preview user will be created that will allow you to experience your course as a student. In student preview mode you can: Submit Assignments, Take Tests, Create blog and discussion posts, Create journal and wiki entries, and View student tools such as My Grades

Once you have activated student preview mode, a thick orange bar will always remain on top, signifying that you are in student preview mode. When you go to exit student preview mode, you will be prompted to either delete the preview user data or to keep it. It is considered best practice to delete any data you created, as any material ( assignments, tests) you created as a preview user will appear in the course gradebook if the preview user and data is not deleted.

NOTE: This information applies to the Original Course View only. Ultra course view does not have a student preview option.


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